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a small article about elementsthegame.com

hello elements world

my name is pauly hart and i am a big fan of elements the game. i started playing early 2010 (or maybe it was late 2009) due to an increasing need to fill the ccg/tcg hole in my life since quitting magic: the gathering.

i found myself lurking the interwebs for the next biggest thing and found several games that were strategy oriented like chess but nothing that had any finesse to it.

until i found elements.

so, elements... what is it?

elements (the game) is quite likely the best online fantasy turn based strategy game ever to have been invented. with twelve basic "elements" including life, time, entropy, and death; elements lets you buy and collect cards based on playing merit as well as earn stats in arenas and even lets you upgrade those cards in unique ways to improve play-ability. elements is a quick starting game with very understandable rules and a wonderful collection of art and effects that makes the game fun and like-able to novice and expert alike.

i recently posted in the chat room here at 5 in the morning on a lonely tuesday - "i play elements because i enjoy strategy games. elements is one of the best strategy games on the internet." and i am comfortable with that statement. i find elements to be refreshing and new in a way that most of the interweb is not.

i am a fan of the little guy. a fan of creativity. a fan of original thought and unique programming. recently when casual collective released their top new game: backyard monsters i was so impressed that i wrote an article about it raving that it would surpass farmville. and indeed it almost has. i don't pretend to have the gift of precognition, but one of my favorite elements in the game itself is indeed time and maybe i am just a little bit jealous.

i started creating my own card game around the time that i found elements. i had my ideas brewing in the back of my head for empires and generals empiresandgenerals.com and was indeed making it into a successful venture when i happened upon elements. i looked and saw that this game was making it on the interwebs and had my morale boosted well into the stratosphere.

and i have never come down. the interwebs generation is growing and people are turning more and more into technophiles that to deny the power of the webs is to yank your game creation potential out from underneath you. the interweb is the next phase in gaming technologies and the mechanics should reflect that. go to any store and see what game has more in sales: halo or monopoly.

really this is why i write this now. i am duplicating this to my blog at paulyhart.tk because i really believe that elements is at a tipping point. the tipping point that turns a hobby into a money making magnet and a small devout group of people into the "old timers" that were around "back in the day."

with the new additions to the main community pages, the renewing efforts of the arena, and the growing love and respect for the programming; elements is staged to hit the mainstream media in a large way.

i hope i am prophetic in some way. i know nothing of the inner workings of the creators life and indeed i have never had a conversation with him but i am quite sure that when a ccg stays this long online and has such a dedicated fan base, that something has to stick in a big way.

so, elements the game. what is it?

another free game in the wilds of the internet?


elements is the wave of the future.

-pauly hart