a message to you whom i promised

a message to you whom i promised (a plea)
wednesday may 8th, 2013
pauly hart

to love and to hold
you lied and i left
to cherish, uphold
i cried your bereft

i promised you always
you gave me: "til then"
i gave you my hand
you gave me a pen

i signed those damned papers
i still bear your mark
the awful truth of it
the scars on my heart

but i am not a liar
though idiot you say
i will love your children
til their dying day

yet people are they now
no longer the kids
they choose their own course
you whine and you piss

the tattoos that i have
only one is for you
the one on my neck for
three people i choose

i chose them and still do
though you moan and complain
i will love them forever
til my dying day

their father imprisoned
not body but mind
your heart is still chiseled
on granite and lime

they are not your children
you told me one night
but Jesus's only
and that just seemed right

so let them alone
their hearts will divine
what's pure and holy
what's wrong and what's right

you weren't there for the car
you weren't there for the scars
you can't have them always
it's foolish to start

let the leash longer
the sails must unfurl
that one special boy
and those two special girls

you know that i love them
why must you deny
a love that was promised
that's grown larger with time?