when God gives you props

the more and more i study the government of the united states and it's dealings with other governments...

and the small organizations in other countries who are at one time at odds with our government...

and the next minute give money to those small organizations...

for the purposes of OVERTHROWING the government that will not play ball with us or give us what we want.

the more and more i understand that "terrorist" and "freedom fighter" mean the same thing, depending on what news organization is spinning the news.

and it's like this:

NEWS FLASH! some guys who believe in something who live in an area who are oppressed by someone need guns so that they could do something about this terrible situation! oh. and they are heroes.

it's all horse-hockey.

these men are handed guns and told to "liberate your country for freedom!" and they do, and then our government tells them that they owe us a favor.

and then we watch in (gasp) shock and amazement at these same people who are now in power... ABUSE that power and hurt others...

and they get a big head from uncle sams gift and think that they did this all on their own and how they could have done this without anyone else, and by allah, we don't need the united states as a matter of fact: FUCK YOU AMERICA they cry...

and in a short span of sometimes four years, sometimes ten years, they are now evil.

but the only thing they really did was show their true intentions.

but... shouldn't we have suspected that? shouldn't the boys at DC or LANGLEY or whoever-actually-runs-the-show actually looked at these men and said: "by golly these men are real bastards." and perchance NOT given them any guns?


i pray to God that when i get to them old pearly gates and Gods like: "so pauly. when you found out about all this stuff, what did you do?" i can be like: "pshhh, you know. i told people about it and asked them to stand with me in righteousness and say that it's not ok for a government to support the rape of children."

and Gods gonna be all like: "that's my boy."

and then he high-fives Jesus and gives me a chest-bump.

-pauly hart 5-2-13