"an assignment of your opinion"

though few people really know me.

i am a man of unchallenged moral principle.

there is a final black and a final white.

and i believe that most shades of gray:

eventually become black.

i seek the light of white.

and i seek it by being a Christian.

so go ahead.

call it wrong.

blame it on my parents.

blame it on boy scouts.

blame it on working on a farm in indiana.

i don't care what you think of my morals.

but my morals are mine.

you may not agree with my morals.

you may not like my morals.

but they are mine.

you may think that i am a backwards.

a luddite caveman.

one who lives in the ideals of a repressed society.

that i am under oppression.

but i still believe in a few things.

a few life altering things.

and i will not change.

i will probably grow into having even more.

and i blame it all on my relationship with Jesus Christ.

because He fought death for me and won.

and I would face death for Him and lose.

you can call me all the names in the world.

because He has already called me His own.

-pauly hart 05/19/13