facebook app data

facebook security is very important.
what you do on facebook may determine:
all of your pertinent information on facebook being sold to marketers.

doing silly things on facebook may cause you to receive:

facebook ads about something you just searched about
google ads about something you just searched about
browser pop-ups about "one weird trick to...(do something)"
emails about "great savings"... forever
text messages about upcoming "special deals" at... 2am
telephone solicitors wanting you to buy something... at 3am
advertisements at your house via mail at your house
door hangers on your doorknob at your house

one of the most overlooked is third party apps browse your stuff.

click the wheel - account settings - apps

you may be SURPRISED what you see.

these people have AUTHORITY to bother you.

and you gave it to them.

i love you people... fix yo stuff!