a question of submission as a salesman

do i obey my direct boss or do the job as defined by corporate?

obeying my boss makes me go out and sell each customer whatever they need, doing the job defined by corporate lets me cash people out turning the store into a fast-paced merchant.

obey the boss and take twenty minutes to sell a screwdriver?

obey corporate, ignore the screwdriver and sell the snow-thrower?

my opinion?

if i make, what, SIX dollars an hour i can do one of a thousand things at work when there are no customers...

add customers -

boom, all i am supposed to care about is customers.

and that's good. customers first and all that...

but if i am to INVEST time?

i would rather do it on my own terms selling the items that make my wife richer instead of dragging me back down to near minimum.

think about it.

would the car salesman rather spend time with a customer on a unicycle or an audi... you know that both items will be sold, that both forms of transportation will move off the lot and that both customers will be helped.

isn't it somewhat of the job of the store manager to make sure that the audi specialist talks to the person interested in the audi?

hey. a unicycle... sell it. get it out of here. why am i taking my time with this?

i plan on obeying my boss... barely. i will do the minimum of what he says so long as i can also do what the company (and my wife) wants me to do: sell the big stuff.