bitcoin will fail

i got sucked in to watching a video on "edison's new money" which was really just a thirty minute long bitcoin ad. the trailer was a lie. edison wanted in 1922 to spread out the commodities that backed the dollar over a large group involving most raw and some refined natural resources.

in digital life, this is as real as they get. yes. a picture. not the real thing. there is no real thing.

bitcoin isn't currency, it's only money. money is backed by... the word of those who print it. currency is backed by something tangible. edison wanted to back the currency of the his new proposed dollar on tangible assets that had real value.

even FDR, after stealing the nations gold; admitted - “behind government currency we have, in addition to the promise to pay, a reserve of gold and a small reserve of silver, neither of them anything like the total amount of the currency.” May 7th, 1933.

so would we have been better off with edisons plan rather than those evil vultures who brought the federal reserve into existence? probably. but will it ever happen? probably not.

will bitcoin fail?


i was a victim of evocash via a ponzi, around ten years ago and personally lost US$5,000 thru it.

bitcoin will fail, the bubble will burst, and there will be thousands of people weeping and crying out over it even more than they do phil robertson calling a mans anus unsavory to sodomize.