coke is it

superbowl coke ad? what ad?

oh THAT ad. let me go watch it again.

and research.

doing some of my own research on the coke ad that played at that american football event recently.

it was an ad where "america the beautiful" was sung in different languages.

in my research i realized that the music originally written by david dickson was called "o mother dear, jerusalem" and that the lyricist katharine lee bates may have been a closet lesbian.

the only reason that it made me mad was from a musical standpoint when corporations shit all over the little guy.  they had changed the words of the original song into "other words". coke - a mega huge corporation had disgraced this musical compilation and never gave credit or paid royalties to the descendants of either person.

so again:

i am not mad over the languages used.
i am not mad there were men holding hands.
i am not mad about brown sparkling sugar water at all.

what i am mad about is that they didn't tip their hat to the artist, even though at :39 seconds in they say "coke, coca-cola, open happiness, and the contour bottle design are all registered trademarks of the coca-cola company." and then at the end #americaisbeautiful

so, i'm mad sure... but not for the popular pesky reasons.