I am love.

Here's me today, not regretting calling Nessly Johnson, Samson Johnson and Kimberly Johnson my kids with their mom's blessing. I never cheated on them, lied to them, or abused their hearts in any way. I am theirs forever and whenever they call on me, I will be there. I will always be theirs and they will always be mine.

Even though the promise that their mother gave to me, that day, years ago, when the towers were crashing to the ground, has fallen fallow in the mud, I never went back on my promise to them, as I told her I would not. I was forced to divorce her, asked again and again by her to leave her rest in peace... And yet cannot find it in my heart to divorce her most beautiful children from my heart. I am not a liar and will uphold my end of the bargain until the day that I die, and even into the hereafter.

It is 9/11 - A day of remembrance for me, and for everyone else. But for me, it is not a day not of unhappiness, but rather a day of fulfilling a promise made long ago to the most beautiful people in the world. And though, I do not have authority, or rights, or even permission to see them, here I am again, screaming at the wild winds of the interwebs: "I am love and will not quit."