ISIS isn't a Muslim Terrorist group

Raqqah was bombed by US tomahawk missiles. It's a city that's 1,772 years old. It still has city walls left over from the Abbasid period. Not much use for tomahawk missiles, I would say.

Since the Armenian Catholic Church of the Martyrs has become ISIS's base of operations, they have taken over and killed most of the city of two hundred thousand, including the Syrian military base there.

They have killed men, women and children (many by beheading) on a basis of something like: "Hey, you're not ISIS, so you should die." Many Sunni Muslim Alawites have been killed due to their devotion to Mohammed's oldest son, Ali. Christians, and atheists have also been killed based on their faith in God, and many Yazidis Kurds have been killed due to their ethnicity. There is no justice for anyone who is not ISIS inside of Raqqah.

A family of Yezidi Kurds

Since leaving mother group, al-Qaeda, ISIS has done all of these things in the name of... Wait. Do you think I am going to say: "Islam"? Guess again. They have done all these things to establish control over Syria.

They are a predominantly political organization. They have done all of this in the name of a pure faith, so that they can accrue followers in northern Iraq as well as Syria. They have begun to set up medical works for the injured. They have religious services. They have pie and cantaloupe eating festivals for children. All they want is control.

And that is their chief aim. They are only acting inside of their premise to seize control of land and establish a regime.

Don't look at these guys as "Muslim Terrorists" please, even though I would think that they are. Instead, look at them as "Independent rebels seeking to start a fresh country. Well, to be fair, you could look at them any way you wanted, and they are still assholes.

However, just like most "Freedom Fighters" in the past, they are probably going to be squashed soon. And in this case, it will probably be by tomahawk missiles.