Oklahoma says "No" to history

Oklahoma says "No" to history
by Pauly Hart
Where Truth Matters.

Oklahoma now available with White People*
(*White people shown to scale)

Oklahoma feels that history should be viewed from a distance... At least that's what the White House says it should teach. Yes. The White House is telling your school in your state what to teach and what not to teach. In this case, The Oklahoma Land Rush.

This all started last year with a program called: "My Brother's Keeper." The newest wave of Federal Programs to help out school children to find their way into a brighter tomorrow. Every administration has one, and this is President Obama's, and it's massive to say the least. There are six basic concerns, one of them is "Ensuring all youth out of school are employed" which is just nuts if you ask me, but no one has so, ok. I was fine when I was in third grade not having a job, but Obama doesn't think so. But I digress.

Evidently the President decided that "White House Initiative on American Indian and Alaska Native Education (WHIAIANE)" needed a larger push to lead it into battle. This action group hasn't really been much more than a think tank since it formed back in 2011, and My Brother's Keeper is fresher and edgier and evidently (from photo and video stock) primarily aimed at african heritage teenage boys. So lets throw WHIAIANE on the bandwagon and see if we can push it farther. Maybe these Native Americans are just like Blacks!

"Now you boys run along and play with guns."
And they did. They even went on tour. The first tour ever. A "Listening" tour to determine how we are treating young Native Americans since we sailed over here, raped their sister, stole their land, shot their dad and told them to move to land that no one wanted to live on anyway. Or something along those lines. At least move to Oklahoma. Cause we totally want to give you... "That place"... Like FOREVER. Seriously, we're never going to let anyone ever take it fr... Mmmmm. Well nevermind. We're going to take that too and give it away free to white people.

The first tour ever. Hey, how's it going? Remember that one time we took your land, raped your sister and killed your dad? Well, we were wondering how it's going for your great grandchildren and if they've forgotten about all that? Ooooooh. They have? Great! How can we better help you to forget? I know! Let's go ahead and take away the painful reminder of the "Land Rush".

I wonder if the "Trail of Tears Reeinactment" would make soccer moms cry?
So Wisconsin, Michigan, Oklahoma, New York, California, Alaska and Washington are all getting these guys coming around and "listening" to their problems. Things are great thanks. Here's some free tokens to our casino and some cigarettes. “Indian students have unique education challenges as they strive to preserve their native cultures and languages, while ensuring that they are college and career ready.” says William Mendoza, executive director of the White House Initiative on American Indian and Alaska Native Education. Sure. THEY STRIVE... Cause the government sure didn't help much, now did they?

Now, come on... Progress is a good thing. There were some good things done. One of the better, more recent acts to be done was the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and this whole push towards "Educatin' the Injun" is a branch from the Office of Civil Rights, and specifically Title Six of the act, passed in the fall of 2000, and just now rearing it's head in the form of WHIAIANE. Now they have videos and posters and pamphlets and probably a droid app (for all I know) written in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and even Korean! "Progress as promised" to quote a roadwork sign. Yet I wonder why they haven't translated it into any of the Algic languages like Ojibwe, or are they just leaving that problem to the Kanuks? If they live on a "Reservation" then it's a big deal, but not on a "Reserve" eh? But again, I digress.

"Where are all the Indians?"
"They're far and away."
Dear Native Aboriginals, WHIAIANE promises to listen to you and hear your concerns and to "serve as a meaningful resource" (William Mendoza again). But at what cost, if they take away MORE OF YOUR HERITAGE? And here is where you might think that I'm being absurd, but let me give you a real quick background of what I do for a living and where I work.

I work at a very illustrious camp in the middle of the United States, named after a FIERCE Native who was against the movements and settling of those who came. I put on a "Settler" outfit and talk to grade-school children and we discuss how it was to live in the late 1700's. I teach them how to make a sod house, how to cook a stew (even how to trap and kill the animal), and I teach them how to live peaceably with the Natives around them. I even teach them some of the "Five Civilized Tribes" Sign Language signs to better communicate how to trade tobacco, sugar, fur or whatever. Reenactment is the key to learning history.

And The White House is taking away the Reenactment of the Oklahoma Land Rush from Oklahoma.

Of course they want our children to forget. And they dressed it up very well. They even have pamphlets in Korean!

Here's a picture.