the catholic church vs. the ymca.

the catholic church vs. the ymca.
by Pauly Hart
Where Truth Matters.

till not sure whether i stand with the ymca or the catholic church on the whole $60,000 coalition for refugee thing... but if i were to guess, i would probably say i would stand with the ymca.

as many of you know, the ymca helps an illinois organization that empowers the indigent in body and mind to rise up and achieve equality within the system here in the united states of america. sometimes they help those who are homosexuals. but that's ok. Jesus told us to love every one no matter what sin they are involved in, whether homosexuality, murder or even gluttony. the catholic church, however, has a huge problem with this and recently told the ymca to either stop helping them or they would pull their funding. the ymca refused, and the catholic church stopped giving them money.

so... on one hand i agree with the ymca and i tell myself that: "sure, you can help people as an organization, and that help can cross all sorts of barriers and it's good to help people." on the other hand i can see the catholic church and it's position. "alright, they are giving money into an organization that empowers the glbt movements and that should stop."

going backwards to the foundations of both parties should prove useful if i want to solve this argument. the ymca does not have a stance on gay marriage. just like Jesus didn't really have a stance on hanging out with hookers and the mafia. he was there to help people. the catholic church was founded by former priests who converted to christianity but didn't want to lose their position so they invented an intermediary between God and man... something Christ warned about as an antichrist spirit.

so i have to side with the ymca on the subject. even though the catholic church refuses to give a grant for sixty thousand bucks to a really cool organization. the mission statement for the y?

"The YMCA is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all."

i think it's ok to help gay people... why doesn't the catholic church?