Notes on: "The Third Way"

Notes on: "The Third Way"
by Pauly Hart
Where Truth Matters.

Just watched "The Third Way" - Pretty logical. Pretty sound. On track and in line with every part of the Bible that I know. It deals mainly with the fight against homosexuality in the hearts and minds of people and how to overcome your negative action by positive action: Love. It also deals with the way of love being the "Third Way" to reconcile a lot of hurt and pain that homosexuals and heterosexuals feel on a day to day basis.

Although Paul the Apostle told us that all of us are called to a full life and if you can live a chaste life, it's better for you, but that if you really burn with passion, go ahead and get married (heterosexually) and have fun. I led a chaste life for the first twenty four years of my life and I was fine with it. I gave my virginity to my wife. I could have made it all the way, but I like sex too much.

As a young man, I thought about homosexuality for a while, but didn't act on it. I experimented with cross-dressing for a minute, and decided that it wasn't for me. My father took me to a seminar once, and the preacher talked about "waiting for the right one to come along." So I did that. I waited. And the right one was a woman. Once I figured out that holistic prosperity of spirit came from two opposite parts of the human species dedicating their lives to one another for life, I was sold on the idea of me, a man, marrying a woman to spend the rest of my life with.

Although I think that the Catholic belief in a pope is flawed and that the movie presses the belief that the only true Church is the Catholic one, I profess that I still like the fact that they point to the actual arbiter for our sins, and that is Jesus Christ. I do appreciate the people for making this movie, and I can for the most part, condone every part of it.

It's a good thing to watch and a good thing to think about: Could I be chaste if I really wanted to? I know I was for twenty four years. It was tough but I made it. Can you?

The Third Way from Blackstone Films on Vimeo.