How to introduce someone to horror movies

So they've never seen a horror movie?

Well. Then I suppose that they have seen "Thriller Movies." So I would not begin their introduction by giving them an over the top slasher movie.

For their first horror movie I would want to introduce them slowly. I would go with "Dark City" or "The Cube." Not because they are so "scary" but a complete horror by definition.

You could place several Hitchcock movies (You know the ones) in this one as well... You pick.

Then it's time to move into animal movies. Namely, "Cujo", "Jaws" and "The Birds."

I would then begin a series of even larger themes within my shown movies with better "jump factor" and larger implications... eg. "Silent Hill" or "The Mist."

I would then slowly move them into the Metaphysical by having them view "The Exorcist", "The Omen", "Rosemary's Baby", "The Amityville Horror."

From that point on it would be a small but important step to watch "Alien" but, you see, this is just the introduction...

From here on... Shit gets real.

We next move into probably the largest stress point after the introduction: All of the "Saw" franchise.

And directly after that, you want to bring them back to reality with some werewolf and vampire flicks. So throw in "Dracula 2000", "The Howling", "An American Werewolf In London", "Interview With A Vampire", and "Let The Right One In."

From then on you are leading them down the narrow path into the obvious franchises with "Unstoppable Men With Evil Faces Holding Weapons" movies try and make you pee your pants...

But you can't show them too much of that, because now it's time for our Asian festivities. Starting with "Two Sisters", "Shutter" and "Audition" you can have a laugh at some sick stuff.

But soon, you have to come back to the Paranormal... Literally. Found footage "Paranormal Activity", "REC", "Blaire Witch" and "Cloverfield" are all great examples...

The last movies you show them are the best movies, and the ones that you want to stick. "The Thing", "The Descent", and "28 Days Later" and whatever else makes up your top 5. Make sure to save your favorites until the end.

At this time you show them "Cabin In The Woods" and then tell them that Jesus actually loves them and none of this shit is real. After that, untie them and release them from your dungeon, take them to Waffle House and buy them the All-You-Can-Eat.

You might take offense that I left out a couple of very important genre's. That's ok. Show them those wherever you want.