some of you might know me from the u.s.v.i. or michigan or colorado or kansas
or oklahoma or indiana or new york or texas or _________...

some of you might know me from online as someone that you never met but i thought
you looked cool and friended you.

some of you don't know me at all.

but if you want to know one thing about me, know that i dwell in an alternate
reality called bitstripland. it's kind of like candy land or oz but there are
no scary monsters trying to put you into a kettle and make you soup.

well. one would think anyway.

i try to be optimistic and artistic and all the beautiful things in life and
i succeed some of the time.

other times i don't

so i resign myself to creation anyway.

i like to create. painting, singing, writing, acting. you name it. but i would h
ave to say that the main point or thrust of my creative endeavors these days has
been online at a site that is referred to in the title of this blog post.

what it is... hmmm... perhaps the best way to decribe it is to steal a line from
the owner (named B-A) and say taht it's a lot like youtube for comics.

you can create a character, create a scene, place that character in your scene
and make a comic out of it, then make that character your avatar and send an
email with that character saying something, then remix that character and give it
a moustache and remix the scene that you just created...


pretty dazzling if i do say so. 'so'. heh.

what a great idea. i can't draw more than weird paisley doodles and raindrops
and squiggles but i can make strips.

i actually have made quite a bundle. 829 of them to date. some of them are ART,
but most of them are just plain goofy and silly. there have been a couple attempts
at combining writing in bitstips and even a drama series, but mainly i just love
to make them for their own sake. to exist.

it's fun. it's free. and you only have to have a mouse/keyboard/moniter attached
to a common CPU encased in a frame with an i-net connection to work it out. oh,
and a browser capible of flash 9.

you might decide later that you need a nap and then a shit and a bite to eat
because you've realized that you've been bit-stripping for over five hours once
you get started.

it's just that powerful.

check it out.

i did.

and gained twenty pounds in the process. rofl. what color was the sky again?