midnight duet

i didn't realize how difficult it would be to read without understanding
that the unindented lines are me and the indented ones are her.

midnight duet

i love you
... no one says i love you like that
i love you
... you've no reason to say it that way
though i will not go back on what i say
... when you say...
i love you

i have loved you from the start
... you cannot leave my heart
i have been longing to say it
... but you haven't the nerve to play it
but this is yet now
... when your leaving?
and i'm using words
... i'm screaming!
and i cannot express the way i feel
... is this real?

i love you
... yes i know you do
and i care for you
... i care for you too
then why don't you
ever tell me
these things you feel
... i cannot know
... what's deep inside
... these wounds won't heal
when you left him
... when i left who
oh i think you know
you were at the show
on new years eve
... i saw you there
... playing on stage
and i know
yes i know
i said within myself
if i can just have that

and i loved you
... but you couldn't have seen me
i was jealous
... you couldn't have known
i saw your face
full of grace
like an angel it seemed
... and you played with all
... your hearts desire
... but i didn't know

didn't know?
... that i loved you
ah you say it now
... yes i love you
... and without a doubt
... there is no one
... on earth for me
... who will love me this way

i'm trying

... and i love you
but i'm leaving
... because it must be this way
... but for how long
... because i have prayed
... for the pain of you
... to leave me

as have i
but i didn't see
that i was already free
... you still bleed?
yes and it still hurts
but there's nothing to fix
because this is what...

fine feels like
... the pain?
no the joy!
and it's what everyday should be like
...like rain?
no like sun
and love and fun
and dancing all day...

... but you're leaving.

Copyright 2008 by pauly hart