A daily guide to wiser living

By: Pauly Hart

© Pauly Hart 2007


1) Only the presence of a larger threat can stop the cats from fighting.
2) A fickle employer never yields a just paycheck.
3) Your presence in a shady business deal never leaves more light than it takes.
4) Those who roam the night all have sin in common.
5) The presence of alcohol leads to much raucous behavior.
6) Danger on the outside often brings out our insides.
7) Foresight is never a blessing when it drags regret behind.
8) A carpet with a wrinkle has defeated its own purpose.
9) Never stir a bees nest without a direct plan of escape.
10) Never read more than you can act upon.
11) Television is a perfect medium, if waste is your pastime.
12) Living off of digested truths alone is like drinking urine.
13) Finding truth in a song without personal reflection shoots the artist in the foot.
14) Practical application without prior planning is a syncope of wisdom.
15) Like termites eat wood, a man with non-productive hobbies devours his own life.
16) Time well managed is time aptly gained.
17) Both cop and robber have a relation with the victim.
18) Entertainment is reasonable, but not at the expense of your morals.
19) Spitting and cussing are often called for, but best hidden.
20) A door without a handle is just another wall.
21) Wisdom says to oil all the wheels before they begin to squeak.
22) Hiring people smarter than you is practical only if you plan to succeed.
23) Dogs and humans often wander in search of something to serve.
24) A book unread should at least lend itself in practicality in helping feed a fire.
25) Sex is a weapon.
26) Any relationship forged out of drunkenness, evaporates with the morning.
27) "Round Two" is rarely a neutral statement.
28) There is no one smarter than he who loves openly.
29) Rolling stones cannot roll forever.
30) Entering a dark room without announcing yourself is folly.
31) The only time to change is now.


1) The human brain is an ever-expanding library.
2) Knowing your capabilities is just as important as knowing your limitations.
3) Mankind is involved in a futile struggle to defeat and confound the very earth that holds him.
4) The mob hears the concert. The artist hears himself.
5) A stagnant man brews death.
6) Idleness is the common denominator of the poor.
7) Those who protect a constitution or ideal cannot be protected by it.
8) The ecosystem rarely centers in on the largest and smallest. Usually the most important items are those that are in between.
9) Man is the only animal without prompting to defeat its own instincts.
10) I believe in Sentient Alien Life. I believe in God.
11) Mankind's response to the invisible world is either amusement or awe.
12) A vessel is only as productive as its owner.
13) Aside from possession, ownership often involves much red tape and paperwork.
14) Every love story starts with romance. A truly great love story ends with commitment.
15) A prudent man learns from his own mistakes. A wise man learns from the mistakes of the prudent man. A king learns from the wise men.
16) It is easier to turn on light than it is to turn on darkness.
17) If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an idea is worth a thousand pictures.
18) A zero defines absolute nothing. Adding a zero after any number increases everything.
19) A bullet without discharge accomplishes nothing.
20) Many of us make no plans of gain, only plans of continuance.
21) Inertia in ones life keeps us from seeing the opportune side streets. Inertia also keeps us single-minded and true in a single purpose.
22) Knowing who you are is fundamental to making any important conclusion as to where you are going.
23) A well-kept checkbook is kept by both the fearful and faithful.
24) A receipt most often proves nothing except that you now own more junk.
25) Many of us unintentionally substitute love with money.
26) Making money isn’t hard if you possess the knack. Possessing the knack is difficult.
27) Without Emotion, Logic is a cold killer. Without Logic, Emotion is a teary-eyed wreck.
28) A cannon is only valuable in war if the powder is dry.
29) To add an extra day to ones life does not create more time. It only gives the procrastinator more time to practice sloth.


1) The areas of ones greatest strength is often their same area of greatest weakness.
2) It is quicker to destroy than to build. It is quicker to build than to rebuild.
3) There is no reason that breasts should entertain men other than the fact that they do not yet own a pair.
4) A poor mans wallet are like a staircase that go nowhere.
5) The larger the suitcase, the more one feels one should take along.
6) A beautiful sunset is a dramatic conclusion to a sky who has completed a job well done.
7) The guitar is like the hammer to the music industry. When used properly, something great is built. When abused, all we hear is the noise of futility.
8) Time heals all wounds but forgiveness erases all scars.
9) A photo album has more power than we attribute it. Yesterday’s truths, upon reflection, are often embarrassing.
10) The person who looks himself in the mirror and tells himself “I Love You” with conviction has found within himself the person worth loving.
11) Words of reason are but mindless prattle when not heeded.
12) Good resources help you do good. Good friends help you be good.
13) A loose woman is a bell in the breeze. Pretty at first but steadily more and more annoying as time goes on.
14) The sword is but 1% of the metal a knight possesses. Yet it is the only solely offensive piece.
15) A man of no morals is a car with no engine. A show model who is taking you nowhere.
16) Children’s hands are the most imaginative tools in the world.
17) Paranoia is the alarm that never lets opportunity knock.
18) Perspiration tells us to stop. Perseverance tells us to go.
19) We miss the point that out of the web of life’s choices, there is but one spider.
20) Thieves are on borrowed time. Everyone gets caught.
21) As concentration is to eyesight, focusing first comes from being aware.
22) Not all beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some actions are ugly in every ways.
23) Our distinct personal realities dictate our reactions in any event.
24) Sex is like wine. Drank in appreciation serves to keep you healthy… Yet one can become addicted to anything.
25) A cushions involvement implies that there would be pain without its involvement.
26) Controlling ones destiny is as easy as controlling ones actions.
27) A reaction and response are generally two opposite choices.
28) Like lava out of a volcano, gossip gets everywhere and harms everything.
29) Without space, time would move nothing though the centuries.
30) Men dismiss too many stories based solely upon their inexperience. Men believe too many stories based upon their fears.
31) The worker appreciates the value of his money… the inheritor does not.


1) A fools money is soon someone else’s.
2) A brick is only as sturdy as the mason who laid it.
3) Too much of any one thing could be considered a curse.
4) Outward design is dependant upon inward reflection.
5) A positive approach brightens the drabbest of days.
6) Age and maturity are usually set to different barometers.
7) The smallest of things can cause the largest of circumstances.
8) A visit to paradise makes the return trip hated.
9) Practice makes more practice. More practice makes better practice. Better practice makes perfect practice. Perfect practice makes a perfect performance.
10) Rudeness and truth are often partners, yet truth tempered with a smile wins the argument.
11) To template ones originality diffuses the explosion of greatness.
12) With age, stretching often supercedes the workout.
13) Youth fades into wrinkles like day fades into night. A beautiful sunset awaits us all.
14) Relationships bought only rot the fruit of it. Relationships earned always serve the best wine.
15) A day for a child is a season long. A season for the elderly seems to last for just a day.
16) The death of young love strangles the heart.
17) To internalize strong emotion dams up the springs of your life.
18) A game played well is a joy for everyone without pride.
19) Hardness of heart breeds hardness of head.
20) Better a multitude of friends than a multitude of gifts.
21) Patience is cultivated, never bought.
22) Gentleness soothes both the child and parent.
23) Children are the wealth of the world.
24) Without rain, everything withers.
25) Insight into action causes all to be wise.
26) Learning many trades serves to increase ones wealth, as does learning one trade remarkably well.
27) The many use time and energy to create money. The few use money to create wealth.
28) The benefit of money is not money alone. It is the joy of giving it away.
29) Hard work develops a wage, yet smart work develops accomplishments.
30) Shallow mindedness breeds discontent.


1) Sharing is the hardest but also the most rewarding thing any human could ever do.
2) Most women need to feel protected. Conversely, most men feel a need to protect.
3) Inferiority in thinking only comes when you bring in superiority.
4) Perfection is never attained. Only our idea of it.
5) A hole isn’t there, just everything around it is.
6) Our own reality determines our own morality.
7) Like the tide, emotions rise and fall away.
8) Like a cloud full of poison, an evil man blows in, only to rain destruction.
9) Never despise pennies. Pennies make up dollars.
10) The best leaders learn to rule by following.
11) A misunderstood ruler forces the nation into destruction.
12) We all stand on the shoulders of giants, even when others stand on us.
13) If the collective universe is still expanding, so is the collective mind to explore it.
14) Hearing is not listening is not understanding is not caring.
15) Compassion is the hardest attribute to grasp.
16) Gossip is like a weed fertilizer. kills the crop but allows the scrub to flourish.
17) Stolen goods only seem nice. They exact more of a price than most can guess.
18) Never substitute a friend for an object of sexuality.
19) Acquaintances become friends only after a tax of some kind.
20) Thinking out loud is more trouble than prayer.
21) I would rather be pursued by the hounds of Heaven, than the hounds of Hell.
22) We often desire what we cannot have, defeating our own dreams in the process.
23) A wicked lover drains the soul as well as the pocketbook.
24) People trust what they see with their eyes as well as what they feel in their hearts, even if both are just an illusion.
25) Like sardines in a can, the corrupt only reveal themselves when their intentions are pried open.
26) Stopping a car involves power or authority. A stop sign has no power but all authority - Whereas an elephant has no authority, but all power to do so.
27) Let us change now what our children watch, and we will change our countries final destination.
28) I have rarely seen a public servant serve the public.
29) Happiness and joy should never be mistaken for one another. While happiness is the orgasm, joy is the cuddle afterward.
30) While my investments mature, so should my attitude to use them.
31) Industry produces satisfaction. Leisure produces longing.


1) Overcoming stereotypes requires mental acrobatics.
2) Only by the corrupt teachings of their elders, do children lose their zeal of life.
3) We “need” but a few things. The rest are based in desire.
4) Most men decide what to buy before shopping. Most women decide what to buy during shopping.
5) All machines are tools. Even tools designed for evil purposes can have some redeeming quality.
6) Frustration can spur you to change or can simply spur you.
7) As the duck plucks himself to float, so must we do in times of stress.
8) Like oil and water mix, so does a liar and the truth.
9) If people are but clouds, then let the cumulous pass me by while I soar into the stratosphere.
10) Transparency and truthfulness are twins.
11) Only when something is lost, does one miss it.
12) Hope in television for the producer is twofold. The hope that the masses accept your product… and the hope that the masses will act upon your products promises.
13) A worn book is either discarded or read again more tenderly.
14) Nature thwarts mans’ best efforts. The hopeful, however, still build houses on the floodplain.
15) Except for abortion, war is the worst population control ever conceived.
16) Why question Japan's grasp on the future? They are the only country on Earth that lives with a post-apocalyptic past.
17) If one can argue that 2 and 2 is not only 4 but also 22, then everything you have learned in school is suddenly suspect.
18) If idle hands lead to evil, then are busy hands always good?
19) If we cannot question God, then who is there left to question?
20) If idolatry is sin, then why do we still search for idols?
21) In boredom, one finds either creative construction, or creative destruction.
22) Why does envy so easily ensnare us from those that are closest to us, instead of from complete strangers?
23) Love is a vast and generic word. True love however is usually reserved for lovers, children, pets or hobbies. Why hobbies? I believe it is because ones hobbies defines ones person.
24) Psychiatrists strive to fix the pain that they so often see in themselves.
25) Does the work we perform indicate our value as a person or does our value arise from something deeper than our career?
26) Allowing children to suffer suffocates ones own soul.
27) Survival is not saying: “I can live.” It is saying: “I will live.”
28) Many times what we will not take sitting down, we will stand up and brace ourselves against the wind of it.
29) If those closest to us ever knew our inward thoughts, how many would instantly cease their acknowledgment that they ever really knew us at all.
30) Wars have been fought for love, but what love has caused any wars?


1) Imagination is a tool wildly regarded in theory, but taken for granted in application.
2) There are only two types of people in life. The Faithful and the Fearful.
3) There is no predestined “one person for us”. There is only the person that we are with. Perseverance makes them the “only person for us”.
4) The ignorant believe in revolution without change.
5) For all of the things that we want to do, we have not the time to do them.
6) There are no temporary fixes in parenting. Patches cause more pain than they are worth.
7) Narrow horizons in any search debilitates and destroys the whole quest.
8) In periods of economic crisis, wealth is never lost… simply transferred.
9) Forgive those that offend you even if they don’t deserve it. No one deserves it. Forgive anyway.
10) Warn your children of the world, do not war your children against the world.
11) Ignorant bliss require nothing and nothing only.
12) Men are still hunting just as women are still gathering.
13) Hate is not evil in itself. Hate is many things, including human.
14) Much wisdom and little patience makes all decisions collapse.
15) Potential is limited by imagination.
16) Impulsiveness is held in high regard by the morally blind.
17) An extra room is never full of important things.
18) The fool believes in success without work.
19) Believe and then do good. No-one loves a braggart.
20) Is it in a person to defeat loneliness just by adding people to his life?
21) If you continue to cover up one lie with more lies, you eventually find yourself with a monster that you cannot control.
22) The things talked about the most are those most likely to be believed.
23) Fools long for the taste of something that they did not order.
24) War is the answer to any political question. It is the worst answer, however, it is one of the most widely embraced.
25) Truth is found more often with our hearts than with our eyes.
26) Collaboration exists because fools tend to stick together.
27) Our ability to absorb facts seems to leak with age.
28) Necessity outweighs caution - John Conrad
29) The way to the heart is neither the eyes nor the stomach. The way into the heart is through the heart.
30) No one truly agrees with a bully. Those few that do side with him out of fear.
31) It doesn't matter whether you are in front of or behind an accident, as long as you are not part of one. -John Conrad


1) Time is a commodity that most people take for granted. Only the wise invest it well.
2) Common sense should be renamed average sense; maybe then more people would use it.
3) When you give up on a dream, part of you dies with that dream.
4) The paycheck should be all the payment you need. You agreed to it when you started the job.
5) Just as technology and science lend to solving puzzles, they also lend to creating disasters.
6) Within every human exists the possibility of the greatest endeavor and the basest of sins.
7) Fractional Reserve Lending is the largest sin of our modern world.
8) Each relationship with
those around you creates a synergy of smaller societies within the macro-society in
which you find yourself living.
9) Mothers who give a child anything they ask for breed in them the sense of entitlement. The world has other things in store for that child.
10) All of us fall short of the mark of perfect success. Yet never stop trying to hit it. This is true perseverance.
11) Too often do we find ourselves at war with those so eagerly desiring to “help” us.
12) We as humans, rely on our friends around us and are often disappointed, perhaps we are just as fallible as our friends.
13) Rationality exists for the benefit of those willing to use it.
14) Where permission exists, theft cannot - John Conrad
15) Mankind strives to better the natural world around him thru the applications of science. Perhaps he could do better if he did not forget the natural world in the process.
16) Things left unsaid in a room full of friends are invisible obstacles to happiness.
17) Our personal viewpoint is tinted by our past experiences.
18) Is a lost cause really lost, or just the followers who are lost?
19) Not one whit nor whittle, save that is lost, can a man ere regret.
20) learning includes memorization and repetition, but also facilitation of the utilization.
21) Man is not the only taskmaster. We are all enslaved by something.
22) A nag is worse than a leaky faucet.
23) Value is born of desire. No one thing, save the human soul, has any eternal consequence.
24) If fact is rooted in fiction, then the fruits of facts are fictions.
25) An ounce of sugar can buy more than a pound of flour.
26) Any limitation ever placed upon yourself, was meant to control you. It is habit that we limit ourselves thereafter.
27) Religion is a cancer, spreading where it will, destroying all around it to it's own purposes.
28) To quit a good thing in the face of adversity is to admit to all around you that you were wrong and that the enterprise was doomed from the beginning.
29) A crying baby is only truly appeased when you find out what it is that they truly need.
30) Before any campaign, the wise general tallies the forces.
31) Conservation is rarely applied to the social world. The Ecological world feels it is the only one deserving of this attribute.


1) Old floors and old women keep no secrets.
2) If knowledge is power and learning is empowerment, then why do we let people who can't read finish schooling?
3) Do not resent law enforcement for trivial matters. A law is a law for a purpose.
4) Don’t steal from those who cut your paycheck, but don’t let them steal from you either.
5) Mens minds are partitions within rooms behind doors. A woman's mind echoes everything.
6) Never state for fact what may be only guesswork. Opinions are seldom the truth.
7) World travel changes a person so dramatically, upon return home; they often find strangers where they once found family.
8) It’s my experience that the rich are more greedy than the poor.
9) A person who believes themselves to always be right, will continue to do so even while bringing himself into disaster.
10) The “Business Cycle” is a myth if thought to be accidental.
11) Too many sweets take their toll. Too many sweet words taka a much larger toll.
12) Complacency breeds the need of convenience.
13) Excess baggage is excessively not needed.
14) A lottery winner who was poor to begin with, will find that the winnings were a curse when the money dries up.
15) Life is too serious to laugh about. Living, however, is too funny to be serious about.
16) My reality dictates what is only inside me from my understanding of the truths of my own experience.
17) leaving a well marked road often results in becoming lost. A GPS is no substitute for headlights.
18) "Impossible" becomes "Possible" when "I-M" is destroyed.
19) The weak man cries out over anything while the strong man chooses to weep over few things.
20) Pride in ones work can mean two things. You have no self supporting pride in yourself and place it solely in your work or just the opposite... you just like to see a job well done.
21) If you have a job, do it well, no matter how much grief you receive. Smile and work harder.
22) The internet is mans attempt to rewrite itself.
23) Artificial intelligence is what we often refer to as a computer who decides what to do for us.
24) “Fire in the hole” is both an offensive and defensive alert.
25) Bravery and foolishness are seen as synonyms by the timid.
26) He who fails to study geography fails to care for the world they live on.
27) No one gets away with murder. The conscience is its own animal.
28) Failure to give a gift to a child with instructions leads to the dismal parent who rues the gifts existence.
29) Democrats and Republicans are not the only parties in the United States Government, although they would like you to think that they are.
30) Don’t scare off new acquaintances. Cultivate them into connections.


1) Never give up on a dream. Re-evaluate your goals. Never quit believing.
2) Rescuing fools in need is a full time practice. Stop. They will just need more and more.
3) Survival depends on primarily your lack of shame and secondarily on your ability to adapt.
4) Just as height rarely determines ones occupation, age rarely defines maturity.
5) Marriage for the sake of an unborn child is the worst mistake. Two wrongs do not make a right.
6) While love holds our hopes in its hands it is faith that build up our love into a more beautiful thing than we could ever hoped to imagine.
7) Asking permission before doing something could be wisdom or folly... Depending on who you ask.
8) Passive consumerism leads all men to poverty. Active consumerism leads all men to a brighter life.
9) Home is an extension of ones own security.
10) It does not matter what color the walls are when the foundation cracks.
11) When an evil man wins in court we all seem to know what would have been best for him.
12) Why do the important dreams seem to fade quicker than the irrelevant ones?
13) If you do something you enjoy, it is pleasure, When you are forced to do the same thing, often it becomes toil.
14) If morality is a wall of unchanging stone, Ethics then, is the wave that strives to defeat it.
15) Ones religion often springs up early in life and then modifies itself into what we are truly to become later.
16) How many times do we believe that we can change things just by a different attitude towards what we already perform?
17) To quiet the pains in their head, how many of us strike at our thumbs with a hammer?
18) Is the idea of fire, really a fire? Or does the spark turn it into something else?
19) Always tip more than you think you should. Generosity finds you when you least expect it.
20) Being alone and being lonely are seldom the same.
21) Those who rely on God are never disappointed yet often dissatisfied. He always answers the prayers of the earnest, often the answers are not the ones we like.
22) Whoever decides that alcohol helps them also decides that reality hurts them.
23) Information is not the highway to enlightenment… Understanding is.
24) A wise person hordes the application of information. An idiot forgets what he learned.
25) The proper attitude turns a sour subject into a tolerable one.
26) A brittle tree cracks in the wind. The hardest wind cannot snap a flexible branch.
27) Who we are depends not on who we meet as much as who we get to know.
28) The more we learn, the more we grow, the more we are able to learn. Repeat.
29) If you make people laugh, they try to remember you, If you make them weep, they try to forget you.
30) Life is too short to worry about who picks up the check.
31) Only God gives that blessing that causes life to fully succeed resisting death.


1) Psychology is a system of the invention of ailments for the prescription of drugs to produce more ailments.
2) a long silence betrays confidence.
3) respect is earned. empowerment is entitled.
4) 'everyone always asks me that.' is a statement made by an utter fool or an utter genius.
5) the to-do lists ones make are never as important as we would like them to be.
6) the rearing of children takes more than one person. single parenthood is a crime.
7) makers make. takers take. this is economics.
8) hard work is not an attribute. how you feel about it is.
9) Reciprocity is not only the rule... it is a universal law.
10) there are three kinds of people in the world. those who see the glass as half empty, those who see it as half full and those who ask - 'who drank my water?'.
11) pretty people are merely younger versions of wrinkled people.
12) thieves and cowards have much in common.
13) Active listening involves hearing, listening and responding.
14) Train up a child in the way that they should go, not in the direction we would like them to go.
15) do not look at your past except to learn.
16) those who are forced into positions will always act resentful.
17) Chasing something can be the most infuriating or rewarding of experiences.
18) one can betray others by simply talking or not talking.
19) Need and love are counter one another, not counter-parts.
20) The Spirit and Body are two forces on a balance. The Mind is the fulcrum of decision.
21) Embarrassment aside, don’t hesitate to do a good thing.
22) those who find happiness in others are quickly let down once expectations fail.
23) when a person is a doormat, all men are over him.
24) Which is changed more in the end… The mission or the missionary?
25) If laughter is the best medicine, is sorrow the best sickness?
26) blaming others is the work of an exhausted soul.
27) To deny the weather is absurd. To accept it and handle the outcome is the reality. So is anything in your life.
28) Any movement that causes excitement should also strive to make change.
29) few men cut their own path in life. most people do what has been done already.
30) the root of your sin is your self.


1) Sharing knowledge shouldn’t be rare. Some of the best things come thru joint efforts. also some of the most deadly.
2) A good counterfeiter does not study copies, he only studies originals.
3) children usually exceed their parents in all forms. whether in discipline or destruction.
4) All men are created spiritually equal. The remainder of the make-up is never equal, despite what others might say.
5) a love of a brother is beyond all friends.
6) Not all music tames the savage beast. Terrible music makes it even more savage.
7) A startling truth is a slap in the face. It is often needed, but never appreciated.
8) love is a two part story. infatuation and commitment. most only know the first part.
9) an observant person is not critical, they merely know more than they let on.
10) A lover on a cold night either keeps you warm or steals the blankets.
11) competence in ones job should not deserve congratulations. we should expect competence in all things.
12) Learning something new everyday pays off in the strangest of situations.
13) If you ever find yourself wondering whether or not you should do a good deed… Quit wondering, and do it.
14) more than half your life should be dedicated to what you will leave behind.
15) all men are called to freedom. but we should not use this calling to destroy, only to build.
16) Quitting is failure. Quitting while you're ahead is success.
17) Why does "sexy" refers to sexual activity and not gender?
18) Becoming more of the person you want to be is not the point. True growth involves becoming more of who you already are.
19) Who values something if it costs nothing?
20) even a stupid man looks smart when he keeps his mouth shut and smiles.
21) shall we demand the right to judge others if we cannot let them judge us first?
22) Any awkward conversation is dispelled by the infusion of humor.
23) the very old and the very young hold one thing in common. they do not care what you think about them.
24) family is born not of blood, but of the spirit.
25) a tradition of love, acceptance and forgiveness is better than any other holiday virtue.
26) a sorrowful song can move mountains where all other tools fail.
27) If parts of the globe are susceptible to warming, they are also susceptible to cooling.
28) children's smiles are more important than the stock market.
29) five compliments equal one insult. more perhaps.
30) a loser to me is not one who sits on the sides of the bell curve. it is those in the middle who lose the most.
31) if alcoholism is a disease, then so is terrorism.