some new poems

then= polaris

t= you want me to want you
34= i want you to want me too

west = cause i am in a basket
#3= held by misfortune
22= my heart is captured
gust = by whatever it is that breaks you

t= so you kissed me when i hurt you
34= you want me, i want you too

}}} i fell that day under your power {{{
}}} i want to take you down and under {{{
}}} but your friends hold you down {{{
}}} and in the slowest hour, i saw you frown {{{

))) but i am not giving up growing older (((
))) though the nights are crawling slower (((
))) i wonder where you are (((
))) when i gaze up at your favorite (star) (((

]]] Polaris [[[

west= and whatever happened to us
#3= when i see the sky
22= and all that goes with it

gust= Polaris

Copyright 2008 by pauly hart



i am born again

Jesus is the comforter of my heart
Jesus is the one whom i say yes to
Jesus is the lover of my soul

Comforter is the blanket of joy
Comforter is the shadow witin action
Comforter is my hands, mouth and feet

Abba is my holiness eternal
Abba is my victory and life
Abba is my will and destiny

Copyright 2008 by pauly hart



Captured and Counted

All the moments
All the time
I have been here
Every time

All the seconds
Counting lines
You have mimicked
All of mine

All the minutes
Every lie
I have counted
Every sign

When your heart breaks
In seven thousand pieces
And you are broken
Lost crushed alone

Your soul drifts
Farther away
You are a billion
Miles from home

And your father
He beats you
And your mother

But they cannot help you
They do not listen
This is your story
You see Your life

We are the leaders
Where are the men
Where are the women
To break us again

When does it let up
When will it end
Will a glorious savior
Come again

Copyright 2008 by pauly hart




Am I just as lost as I think that I am
Or am I as lost as I feel
Am I doing alright today
Are things becoming clear

Am I as crazy as I act
Or surprisingly steady
What is my brain withholding
Where does it all go

Am I living my dreams
Or just dreaming my life

Copyright 2008 by pauly hart




I find myself looking up
At my futures bleak moment in time
I capture myself within your love
What else is there to do
But to go away forever

When you have no more money
When your lost and alone
And your mind drifts so far away
A million miles from home

The smallest of moments take all day
A tear forming before you try
When will your ship come in for you
It shouldn’t be a surprise

When I go away forever

And you come up to the waters edge
Listen to the breakers crash
So many galaxys above you
You know that they wont last

And now they go away forever

Copyright 2008 by pauly hart




Why do we grow up
And colors turn moldy
Why does time slip away
Faster every second

We forget for naught
The things that we want
Why does the crippler
Break us in two

To be much more
I have til this very moment
To be more of who I am
Becoming the superhero zero

I will live each day
Like it was my final
Death cannot take me
Away away away away

Copyright 2008 by pauly hart