Heroes #48 Season 3, Number 1 Volume 4 Fugitives: A clear and present danger

although many of you out there are not fans of this ongoing nighttime drama about superpowered people, the point is in this newest episode very clear.

homeland security starts rounding up people that are "differnet" and placing them into tests with no liberties.

no liberties.

the english did it to the afrikaners in south africa during world war two.

the united states did it to the japanese-americans during wolrd war two.

the nazis did it to the jews during world war two.

all evil empires, yet the victors write the history books.

how far fetched is it to think that tomorrow this fictional show could come to life with you and i in our world?

perhaps it will take world war three?

perhaps not.

perhaps something as simple as an attack on the world trade centers...

maybe the differnce is "islam" or "christian".

maybe the difference is not having a social security card.

being out of curfew.

don't you understand that we are letting this happen?

every day. little by little. inch by inch.

during my grandfathers day people would have rioted in the streets if they had passed the patriot act.

you and i didn't riot.

will this evil be allowed to conquer us?

will it be stopped?

CAN it be stopped?

the answer would suprise you.

perhaps you should read "brave new world" again.

and then proceed directly to "st. johns revelation" for a greater view of the future that will happen.

unless you and i change as a people and rise up to put down opression... this IS THE FUTURE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND OF THE WORLD.

(super-heroes excluded)