"i want nothing more than to see you happy"

"i want nothing more than to see you happy"

has anyone ever said this to you?

kinda makes you cringe huh? it's as if, they mean to say: "i want nothing more than to see ME happy" instead. what they really mean is just that. they believe that they have found a truth for YOU and yet you don't feel that you can understand it or believe that you can believe what they believe. what you really SHOULD be (in their opinion) is something else entirely than what you ARE and what THEY believe is that they think that they know what this is.

"i want nothing more than..."

sure let's take a look at this shall we. they WANT. NOTHING. more than... what. nothing more than... eh?

so they want nothing huh? what kind of self-debasing scum is this person? some kind of wastrel who is pedestalizing someone else because they see them as some sort of demi-god and worships them.

"i want nothing"

they DON'T actually believe this... they really mean, "they want everything". they are SO wanting that they ooze out this pathetic NEED onto others that often results in some sort of pity-love.

"to see you happy"

oh sure. they have to see it to believe that the person in question could ever be happy again. i have been there my friend. let Christ sort it out, cause happiness is fleeting and joy is an aloof mistress and often you can't find it in others except when shared.

and to say that you want nothing more... MORE? can't you say "LESS"???

"i want nothing less than to see you happy.

now that actually makes sense doesn't it? placing the limit on the minimum instead of the maximum sure lightens things up a bit.

but i can say that i personally WANT EVERYTHING AAAAAAAAND TO SEE YOU HAPPY.

that sums it up for me.

say goodbye to the past dear dreamer. only God can make people... people.

-pauly hart 2/25/09 8:15 pm