New Muslim President creates a lose/lose situation in my country.

Let’s look at what he’s done.

Doubled the deficit. Then promised to halve it by the end of his first term. Slight of hand, to be sure, but it just isn’t that simple. $634 billion for health care.

A contingency fund for the financial sector that falls on top of TARP, to the tune of billions. Working on details of how to force judges to devalue homes and lower interest to protect the people who bought houses that never should have. Subsidies for auto manufacturers, to the tune of billions, and now they are back for more, as is AIG, who just pissed away some $160 billion. Perhaps another round of bailouts for the banks. All of this with strings attached to government manipulation, as well as leveraging from lobbyists as we have laid out here in this blog.

All of this under the guise of “We had to do something…” and selling everyone around the nation that anyone who wouldn’t do exactly “their” something meant they (republicans) wanted to do “nothing”. More political slight of hand.

Talked down the economy, says he “inherited” it. At some point, though, if you “F” with something enough, you eventually own it, no matter what you “inherited”, or from whom. Obama’s got his hand so far up the ass of the puppet right now that in reality, everyone should be saying “this is YOURS now, baby!” But are they saying that? Will they?

What Obama has essentially done is devalue the dollar, devalue our future, and set up a situation that has caused Wall Street to start hiding money in the mattress. He is having the exact opposite effect on this nation than we figured he intended to have. He sold hope, but is instilling little. None.

What happens if all of this fails? What has Obama really done here?

The Dems are playing with what they perceive is a win win situation. If they succeed, they will have reinstilled the illusion that they are financial masters, while at the same time establishing new power bases in the form of Washington D.C. having representatives, Card Check (open union balloting), the census redistricting in their favor, new government programs and entitlements that will be very hard to strip away in the future… the list goes on and on.

If they fail, financially? The sheeple that vote for them will insist that the whole spiral is and was Bush’s fault. Regardless of how many hands Obama has put on the wheel, and how hard he jerks it left and right while racing down the road of liberal socialism, all failure, in the minds of the left, will come back to Bush.

But, the real danger here, aside from a massive depression, is this:

The government will still have grown; card check will still likely be passed expanding their power; Iraq may be left unstable; banks may be nationalized; D.C. will still likely be home for more Dems in the House and Senate, and those government programs and entitlements will still be plaguing the nation financially while creating political puppets who will vote Democrat for fear their government tit be cut off…

The list could, and will, go on and on. My point simply is this: While the Dems are rolling the dice on a myriad of socialist manipulations of the markets, regardless of their success or failure, they will, in the end, expand their power immensely over the next few years. They win either way, at the risk of America losing. And they- don’t- care… It’s worth it, either way, to them.

With any luck, the people of this country are recognizing that, for now anyway, the real lesson is that the people who really run this country are in Wall Street. Business owners, employers, creators, developers, investors. Right now, they are very afraid, and not willing to take risks, because Obama has given them NO confidence, and is going to start coming for their profits very agressively, very soon.

And when this dipshit talking head car salesman starts doing that, guess what happens? All of YOUR goods will go UP in price… right in the middle of a recession, or worse- depression. Great plan he’s got rolling here, no?

The best friend the conservatives have right now are those who are keeping their money close to their vests, and undermining Obama’s “recovery” plan. They are clearly giving him a vote of “no confidence”. Let’s hope they don’t just fold and take their money and go home, and perhaps, in two years, fiscal conservatives will come from both the Dem and Republican ranks back into the house, and Senate, and right this ship.