New Song "Boston" up

i just put my new tune "Boston" up on my myspace music site for your enjoyment.
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The original poem was the inspiration for this song. Here it is.


Boston again

I waited in the rain
You never ever came
I smoked a pack of reds
While I waited on your train

Where were you baby
When I left for Boston
You always break my heart
And that’s what’ll cost ya

I made it in the play
The auditions were insane
I’ve got six lines at best
And the costumes are a pain

Boston is a drag
Except for all the bars
I see you everywhere
And that’s the hardest part

I wish that you were here
I wish you didn’t care
But please don’t come today
I’ll turn and walk away

Copyright 2004 by pauly hart


this is john [william] conrad. he's the brains behind the arrangement. you can go listen to his stuff here

and this is me... don't click on my picture...