i often wonder about megaupload and it's demise -

when 10% of the entire internet was confiscated by the united states department of justice in hong kong.

wait. did i just say ten percent of the entire internet?


most people don't understand the impact that the united states DOJ has over the world.

how much power we actually hold over the internet worldwide?

it's larger than what you think, or know, or think you know.

look at this article for a glimpse - a small peek into communications laws that you had no idea were happening.

you see, when i worked at AT&T i was under the assumption that when you make and receive a text or picture (sms or mms) there isn't enough room on the data boards to hold them.

au contraire.

att is the largest contributor to homeland security (so says homeland security) of sms and mms data.

every text is kept, and scrutinized by programs called "bots" who search for patterns in shopping, travel and "key words".

here's a quick scenario:

basically if you would (on your mobile device):

1) google plastic manufacturers
2) google fertilizer plants
3) spend too long on a map application centering in on several key areas of a city (fed buildings, stadiums, airports)
4) rent a cargo van online
5) text your friend: "all is ready, let us go out in style."

then you would

6) have the DOD at your front door that instant.

that is, in a perfect big brother world.

they are getting better and better at it.

pretty soon, you will be asked to carry a radio frequency chip in your wallet via your ID card or drivers licence... for "emergencies".

heck, you already carry one in your mobile phone voluntarily.

watch what you say online.

pauly hart is already a voice in the wilderness and has been tagged. i know it so i get more and more bold as time goes on.

but you should be cautious. delete your porn. unlink your accounts. and don't give in to the power of the dark side.

how soon will "big brother" be upon us?

he is already in the room.