hey baby, how was your day?

"hey baby, how was your day?" my wife asked me, and i told her.

i figured that i might as well tell my [dear people of the internet] friends as well so that, when they ask me the same question (with or without the "baby" part) and when i say: "absolutely awesome" then they can reference this next bit in their head -


i work in the outdoor education department at one of the top ten outdoor ymca camps in the u.s.a. and i am blessed to do so. today, after breakfast at work, we got ready for our big day. each of us was going to be teaching three workshops to our visitors.

we put up signs directing them to our meeting and got as ready as best we could mentally for the challenge at hand. after getting 150 parents and teachers get signed in, we had our introductory meeting about what camp was, what they could expect, what we were going to do and how much fun they had. we then introduced ourselves and we made them laugh.

now to the fun! we hopped on the golf cart and zoomed up to the lake village whereupon i donned my 1811 settlers outfit. splitting up into groups i then instructed many of the participants in 40 minute segments on: necessities of life (learning about how to turn a deer into about 2,000 household objects, and also dipping candles).

then i moved on to "huck finn" fishing and hoosier poetry: (two classes actually combined but the easiest to teach, as it is one activity with time consuming parts) the fishing is accomplished with a cane pole and bait you catch yourself and the poetry is a workshop on communication and storytelling.

then i moved over to trappers trade where we talk about how a trapper lived and we get to set leg-hole traps and canibear traps and talk about how to work a pelt from the animal and what you can do with it, and also about the life of a trapper. watching soccer moms spring a leg-hole traps is among the funniest thing you will ever see.

we then all moved over to a shelter to find freshly grilled hamburgers waiting for us. after we cleaned up all of our workstations and saying goodbye to 150 wonderful parents and teachers, we decompressed and talked about our experience with sharing what our challenges were as well as our triumphs and then planned our next activity together.

friends, people i know, people who stalk me - let me just say this: i am getting PAID to go outdoors and teach people (among other wonderful things) how to write poetry sitting outside. is there nothing more wonderful than this?

if you would like to know more about the beautiful place i work, or would like to schedule an adult retreat for your business, or bring your children to summer camp, you may do so here -http://www.camptecumseh.org/

pauly hart
march 16, 14