Noah's Native America

Friday, March 7, 2014

Noah's Native America

A humorous and plausible account
of the classic chronological Bible story

Pauly Hart
March 7th, 2014

Somewhere around 1750, here in the continent of North America, there was an issue with "White People". This was not a new thing. They had been slowly filling up the eastern seaboard and trickling in like a gang of termites, eating up everything in sight and putting up fence and writing deeds of ownership. This didn't sit very well with the Children of Noah whatsoever. They had liked their seclusion and here came Japeth's kids, trying to ruin everything. The Children of Noah had liked their peaceful ways. They never wanted to "own land" or "stay put". In their mind, anyone who said they owned land was a fool... Who can own what only God can give? But let's retrace something first... With some patience, you might see why.

If you recall your Bible, you will see that it's pretty plain about Genesis one and Genesis two, should you chose to read it chronologically. Genesis chapter one: God creates stuff. He creates birds and light and gravity and polliwogs and a whole bunch of crap that you and I could never come up with. ...CONT...

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