Ferguson Riot Stew

Up late at night coughing and sneezing and blowing my nose sick as a dog. I can't sleep so I'm watching riots happening in Missouri.

Watching the guns pop, the breaking of windows, burning cars, burning buildings... WHERE IS MY AMERICA?

This is far worse than anything I have ever seen since the 1992 LA Riots. Many of you will be fed a line from the media about WHY this took place.

Let me tell you that this took place in a very controlled fashion. The powers in charge took great measure to have it done in a way that would make the most explosive charge possible.

What did they do?

The people in charge deliberately released information at night on a case that was ambiguous on purpose after dragging the case out for an unnatural time.

Let me repeat those things:

1) Dragging the case out for an unnatural time
2) An ambiguous case
3) Released information at night

How do you make people go crazy for soup?

1) You let the ingredients just sit and bubble for a really long time
2) You make sure that all the ingredients are varied and different
3) You serve it just at the last minute, right before they starve

And then watch the riot happen.

In our metaphor, you are tempting these poor people with the smell of the idea, with the thought of the idea... It's juicy and they have waited for so long, that in the cover of darkness, they would do anything to get a bowl of your delicious soup.

Just like in Ferguson... A big bowl of discord has been served, and now everyone wants their own serving.