Euthanasia kills things.

I do not agree with killing animals that you love. Humans or pets, I don't think it is right. I do not agree with killing animals that you hate. I do not agree with killing animals in general. I do not agree with killing.

No one set me up to be god over anyone's life. No one set up my divine power to act as a final arbiter between life and death for anyone but myself... And maybe not even then. I hate it, hate the impertinence of it, hate the pride that goes along with it and hate it religiously. Plus, it's a great thing to go around and do: Not kill things.

I would love to say that I am still a vegan and could practice the toleration of others when they kill things, dress it, and pack it in ice for my dinner plate... Sadly this is not the case, as I am a pseudo-meat eater and eat it only once a day as a rule. But I usually think of the poor animal that gave her or his life to provide for me and how Tyson employees and contractors mistreated it.

I would also like to think that I would never wear leather. Do I? Not really but I do have some items that contain a bit of leather.

I also think about pets and people killing them... Not that I would ever do that, but how they change the words: "killing my pet" to "putting it down". Euthanasia is just a polite word for: "I am going to go kill my dog today."

What is wrong with people? When you take on a pet as a small mammal and raise it to behave a certain way (Domestication) you rob it of it's predatory or base natural instincts telling it: "No. Don't worry. I will love you and care for you as long as you are alive. You are my special little princess (or whatever)."

Changing the  instincts of an animal is alright, if you have agreed to love them forever. But when you kill that animal at some point where you have come to the end of your patience? Wrong.

"Oh poor Fluffy had a broken leg, a blind eye, arthritis, and couldn't poop without me helping her. We decided to put her down."

Liar. Where is the so called "love" that you promised that dog twelve years ago? Why would you change this animals life to begin with, only to set it up for the vets killing table?


Animal suffering is something that happens in life. Real life. Not the life that you have pretended for them. Not the life that exists inside your little home, with your little bowl of food on the floor and your little pet bed. Dogs, cats, monkey, ferrets, whatever. Killing mammals that are also pets is wrong in my book.

The morals for this are as follows:

If you:

A) Take the mammal form its natural habitat
B) Change its natural behaviors
C) Change its natural tendencies
D) Change its predator/prey relations
E) Invoke upon it all the "rules" you have set for it

Then you should:

A) Not kill it when it is an inconvenience
B) Not kill it when it bothers you
C) Not kill it when you run out of money to care for it
D) Not kill it when it interrupts your sleep cycle
E) Not kill it, you daft prick

And the basic argument is this: So yeah. Basically you "get" an animal. You have it now and you've basically established yourself in its life as some sort of god. You determine ultimately everything about it, where it poops, where it eats, how much it eats, what it can or can't touch, where it can or can't sleep, and basically if (when the time is ripe) it lives or dies.

Are you god to make that decision? Are you the holiest of holies in heaven almighty? Did you "wake up" from your bed and make a couple of planets one day? Can you even create anything at all?

Then what gives you the right to take that life?

Nothing. You do not have that right.