ICANN (the ultimate GOD of the internet) has finally been moved from the united states government to the private sector. is this good? is this bad? i dunno. i just know that the powers that be at do not like it at all.

Do this for me. Google:

"ICANN CEO Talks About the New Affirmation of Commitments"

Your top link should be this link

now click on the videos button.

no videos huh? i couldn't find it either. SOMEONE must have this information out there except on this site... so why isn't this in the news anywhere?

the largest library of information has MOVED out from U.S. control and has amalgamated into some sort of united nations of information.

i submit to you that we are being manipulated. the chief backbone of the internet is in the hands of a PRIVATE ENTITY. a corporation.

ask yourself if you have ever heard of net neutrality. because you will hear about it very soon if your answer is no.

remember this day. september 30 2009... the day the internet died.