his river flows readily

there are no words to describe you
there are no ideas that i might have before you
there are no items on this planet besides yours
yours is the grace upon all that the miracles rule thru

let your life flow thru me
let your river come to me
i’ll raise my hands to heaven
i’ll lift my voice to the stars

the hope of father
the hope of my life I have
right now right about now
you are breaking me

deep, deep now lord
in the deepest now
where the eagles rest
where the blind men come

i want to be where the rest are
i want to be where jesus’s feet are
worshipping them and loving him
the spirit of life and truth

he is the one that sets me free
my name is no longer jacob
my mind is set upon the newness
i am israel before the lord

i am new
break me, come down
fall down over me
i come to worship you

Copyright 2004 by pauly hart