Facebook argument

Joe: If the United Kingdom were to invade America as it is now would you Fight for The United States or United Kingdom?


Pauly Hart: neither.

Luka: I feel ya pauly id only fight for me and mine..

Pauly Hart: in research for my game empires and generals, i have come across information that leads me away from briton as my former heritage as a united statesian; one, that the majority of the united states population is genetically of german descent, and two: that spain and france did more to rape the new world than briton did.

Joe: This was more of a poll idea to see who would stand for there kinsmen .

Luka: Yea i can see that.im native american,every bodies a wetback to me.id still fight for just mine..me and my ppl dont owe any country anything.

Joe: If our nation betrayed the ideal principles of individuality freedom from oppression i would fight only if the nation would never attack civilian targets. But i doubt there is a nation that is by the people as noble for the cause of freedom for all even if we are divided on issues for the whole we still believe in the "good fight" as it was called.

Pauly Hart: @michah some native americans bartered openly and sold land to individuals outright. they did so with the whole tribes permission and it was known to all. these men that the land was sold to are not wetbacks, they were honored and recognized to own the land by the tribes that sold them. you are obviously lacking in historical education if you believe that "every bodies a wetback" and that "your people dont owe any country anything". although it is true that the four major european aggressors stole, raped, pillaged and killed to take much of the new world, it is foolish to believe that there was a "good versus evil" struggle here. it was a land war, and the group with the better technology won. and you're going to sit there and tell me that "your people" don't "owe", when you can look back in history of MY people (because i too have aboriginal america in me) and tell me that the mayans and aztecs were ever so friendly with one another and that the blackfoot and sioux were just buddies and that the tolmec just loved the mexica, and that the pawnee and cheyanne were just the best of pals... THEN you can tell me which tribes deserve to own the land... and which tribes deserve to have their women impaled on spikes.

Joe: I find it funny how alike we are in aspects tribe meetings to g8 chiefs to mayors medicine men to doctors and pharmacists warriors to armed forces elderly wisdom must be 30 + to be president

Luka: Individual sales to a few good men doesnt make up for the millions of acres stolen from us.while europeans from the world over pushed us to small camps where we sufferd from western diseases.

Pauly Hart: first of all, thank you for calling my ancestors good. that was nice.

but if by "you" you mean the first nations people within the borders of the united states, and if by "us" you mean the white skinned european then, sure... i agree, those white skinned bastards who lied to you and stole your land are probably burning in hell. and it does suck to have your history and you can be pissed off for as long as you want to, but until you make a decision to change then you can only wallow in your own misery.

but remember that the aztecs took nahuatl prisoners, twenty five thousand a year... and cut their hearts out. and remember who sold the slaves to the spaniard slave ships? their rival tribes did. every tribe on earth is guilty of something terrible.

so here let me educate you. this world is a bloody fucked up mess and everyone has killed everyone at least once. even "your" people were the first to kill "my" people. and payback is a bitch. remember that "your people" did it first... the xiongnu people spurred the three largest invasion forces in the world.

#1 the american invasion
#2 the huns
#3 the mongols

when they invaded the americas, they killed off the natives already living there, who were not xiongnu, not "your people". during the reign of the huns, they destroyed most of the "known world" and during the reign of the mongols, they killed one fifth of the entire population on planet earth. ONE FIFTH!

but i forgive "your" people. can you not forgive "mine"?

because, in the end... it doesn't MATTER what your affiliation is does it? aren't we all human? do we not all bleed the same red blood? can we not all get along... putting aside our past and move on into a better future?