Watch 12 years a slave free online

unknown to any but my wife until now, i contacted around twenty people in management in the movie-theatre business about my appalling shock that "12 years a slave" was not being shown in theatres around lafayette indiana.

this boycott of part of the TRUE HISTORY of the united states of america comes as a slap in the face to today's american descendant of african heritage.

as a form of vicarious repentance, i would like to submit to these people that the years of repression and subjugation that their ancestors endured are not without form or merit. that one of the true strengths of the american descendant of africa lies in their ability to persevere in the face of obstacles.

so, today i share with the world the free site to watch this movie for free... it, no longer in the SHACKLES of hollywood, but freed upon the internet, no longer bound by the money-grubbing paws of "the slave owner" that the movie so pointedly shows... a movie about freedom, hope, and perseverance: