"For when the wind is still" by pauly hart

for when the wind is still

by pauly hart

jennifer hart:      (unseen) a young woman

pauly hart:         (naked) a young man


we open our scene with jennifer taking a shower after getting out of bed late on saturday morning. pauly is on the toilet, having just arrived. it is their day off together and they are thinking about what to do about it.

jenn: hey i'm running into wal-mart to get my hair trimmed.

pauly: hmmm. hey. you know what i appreciate about you?

jenn: what?

pauly: you're so low maintenance. you look good without even trying.

jenn: awwww.

pauly: no seriously. you don't put make-up on with a trowel.

jenn: but i do like to paint my nails funky colors.

pauly: like turquoise! (referencing a conversation the day before. jennifer loves combinations of blue and green whereas pauly cannot abide by them).

jenn: (laughs) yeah... but they always end up chipping off two days later.

pauly: who's chip and should i be jealous?

jenn: (laughs again) no honey, you're the only man for me.

pauly: no, but i'm serious though, you really are a wonderful soul and i love you terribly. like it's terrible and all that i love you. haha.

jenn: awwww. (a pause) oh, do you want to come with me?  i know i need to get a pocket calendar so i know when to pay the bills, i'm getting messed up.

pauly: (toilet flushing has interrupted the last part of her sentence) wait... so you know what?

jenn: i need a pocket calendar...

pauly: right, so you know what?

jenn: oh! when to pay the bills!

pauly (laughs hysterically) oh! i thought you said: "for when the wind is still"

jenn: what!? that's craaazy!

pauly: (mocks a voice-over from a movie) saturday. wind... fourteen miles per hour... north east... it was a good day...

(jennifer and pauly both laugh good-heartedly)

pauly: (same voice) wednesday. wind from the south west today. sky... overcast... it was a frowny face day.

jenn: i'm just scared to think that in what situation i would ever even need to know that!

pauly: maybe you're studying pyroclastic flows!

jenn: yeah... maaaaaaaybe.

pauly: (flushes again, and goes to type this all out)

(end scene)