How a Nerd can ruin Captain America 2

How a Nerd can ruin Captain America 2 before April-

by Pauly Hart

Hey, that's me. A Comic Nerd. I watched the trailer for Captain America 2 today and I have some pretty interesting things I would like to disclose/discuss with you.

So... Spoiler Alert!

1) Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a title that is the name of two people.

2) The Winter Soldier is a Russian bad guy.

3) The Winter Soldiers original name was Bucky.

4) Bucky was Caps Sidekick.

4.5) Bucky joined The United States Army at the ripe age of 15.

5) Besides being super cheesy, he is also a black ops special agent secret assassin who is an expert bladesman, grenadier, martial artist, and sniper and gymnast. Almost a ninja

6) Since Bucky was trained alongside and by Cap, he knows all of his tricks.

7) Bucky is dating the Black Widow.

8) Captain America is dating the Black Widow.

9) Bucky kinda died but not really. When the KGB branch Department X found him mostly dead, they gave him some super duper awesomeness in the form of a bionic arm, and got him to work for them... after a bit of brainwashing.

10) Bucky thought that was super cool and has many adventures for the KGB including helping Wolverine escape from the evil Canadian Government that was trying to make him join the Canadian Superhero team: Alpha Flight.

11) Bucky decides he no longer likes Wolverine and kills Wolverines wife with a bullet... But not before Romulus can cut her open and steal Wolverines baby: Daken.

12) Nick Fury will probably die and Alexander Pierce will probably try to shut down Caps little operation

13) The awesomely massive Helicarrier that Iron Man, Mister Fantastic and the X-Men built (didn't know THAT did ya), is destroyed by an internal S.H.I.E.L.D. faction war that is complete hooey

14) Black Widow is actually a Russian double agent.

15) It will turn out that Alexander Pierce is actually working for HYDRA. And he's an Accountant.

16) Robert Redford is not an Accountant. He is an actor.

17) The movie will change everything anyway so just ignore everything you read.