the good news about is that it restricts your search to the actual world. the entire open above water internets. still doesn't go into the darknet but that's ok with me, i can't read perl.

so i logged out of my google account and searched my name. it seems that i am still the first five pages of hits for my name, then you start getting pauly d and pauly shore.

ugh... those tiny italians are always messing up my google seo.


here is an article from ehow about it

What Is Google NCR?

Visit Google from South Africa, and you'll see the URL ""

Google's search engine offers country-specific sites. When you enter "" in the address bar, you're automatically directed to the site most appropriate for the country from which you are visiting Google. If you don't want to automatically go to that country's site, use an alternative Web address for; this address ends in "/ncr."

Google's Country-Specific Sites

Google's country-specific sites are designated by the ending of the URL. Google in Japan, for example, has the URL "" In France, you'll see "" and in the United Kingdom, Google's URL is ""
How Google Knows

Your IP address shows Google the location from which you are visiting the website. All devices with a public Internet connection are assigned an IP address, which is a series of four numbers, each separated with a period. The IPs are assigned by region, so Google reads your IP address, determines the location and automatically redirects you to the country-specific site.

If your IP address is incorrect, Google may redirect you to the wrong country's Google site. To check your IP address, visit and view the address and location that show up automatically. If your location is wrong, that likely explains why Google is taking you to the wrong country site. Visit Google's "Report IP Problems" site to enter an incorrect IP for Google to update, if you wish.
Bypassing Country-Specific Google

If you'd rather visit without being directed to a country site, type the URL "" and bookmark the resulting page. Then, no matter where you are in the world, you can visit this bookmarked page to see the page.