You have the wrong number

You have the wrong number
by Pauly Hart
Where Truth Matters.

When I lived in Fort Wayne Indiana, our phone number was Landy Enterprises old number and was ALMOST Hires Auto Parts phone number... Like seriously we would get four or five phone calls a day about this and that and one thing or another...

How much is an alternator for an '82 Bronco? Could I bring in my 95 Camry because the exhaust manifold fell off. Does Chris work today?

And we couldn't make them stop. So I just started making stuff up. I remember distinctly someone calling asking for Steve. I told them Steve had packed his stuff up, yelled at a bunch of people, threw stuff around the store and quit yesterday. That was a classic one because they actually knew Steve and said it sounded just like him and they were going to call his wife.

Another time I argued with a guy about his catalytic converter because I told him I was going to charge him $150 for one and yesterday "I" told him it would only be around $40. He was going to "Come down there and deal with me in person" when I became belligerent.

Oh the good times to be had by all. Anyway. Enjoy this terrible happy wonderful awful video.