clawtron and R2D2 - childhood toys

do i remember my childhood toys?  - i remember these vividly. at this time in my youth i was insanely dealing with my (dangerouly evil and maniacal) adventure people astronauts and robots (and the hang-glider guy) versus my (magestic and heroic) star wars figures.

inadvertently, some of my gi-joe guys would try to show up and help the star wars guys but unfortunately, their shallow rubber-band pelvis-thrust antics would be ineffectual against the demonic robotic legion. it was usually left up to r2d2 and his droid factory to create a mechanized weapon after all the humans were left slaughtered. the main plot-line would be one of celebration of the robots - they, thinking that they had cleansed the universe of the scum of man, would not suspect the traitor r2d2 in their midst.

unfortunately, at this time in the child-mind-movies, it would be the lego people who would be created from some dire circumstance at the droid factory and r2d2 would heroically defend his sentient creation in an epic, last minute battle, having hacked robot opticon into defeating the evil leader clawtron. i didn't have any room for monsters in my childhood it seemed. or if i did, they didn't inhabit humanoid form. for some reason, it was always machines and men. odd really, in retrospect.