The heart is well

Uncommon but not unheard of, a woman knelt on her hands and her knees there by the alter. The view of the sunrise angled in at her face, but her head was down in silent prayer. I could tell that she had been there for a little while, as her knees were pock-marked with the tiny pebbles and grass that was found from last nights mowing. The sun greeted her, as she lifted her eyes to me when I arrived and I smiled at her.

She rose, wiping a solitary tear from her eye and smiled back.

"How is your heart?" I asked her.

With a deep sigh and a look up of quick contemplation she said with a hopeful voice: "It's getting better and better."

A slow warmth crept over my skin and in my soul as I understood her response from the evident place of pain.

"God bless you ma'am." I said in seriousness.

And she left. Walking to her truck, climbing in, and driving away.

Things are fine here at YMCA Camp Tecumseh. The peace of God is even bringing in sinners off the street.

-Pauly Hart