11/14/12 random poetry

here you go...
some crazy ramblings late at night...
obviously all copyrighted 2012 by pauly hart...
this puts me over 1500 poems...
just need to put them in the main file...



any day of the week
and often every day
there lies within the heart
of man
the ability to succeed
often we arrive
at the plateau
with sweat on our faces
while sometimes, unexpectedly
like childs' hands
we are upon the crag
to our amazement
all around us
wondering how
we got there
in the first place


i call her by her middle name often

there is the lover
of my heart
my dreams
encompassed in her smile
though she slay me
yet will i bed her


i was hondering about friends

i was sondering about friends
and how the netherscope
often appears at the whimcycle
of pure zendrifiousness

will it end with a splosh
or maybe a kerwhiffle?

it is enough to know
that sondering never quills


you (r

you are the only one
you are the only one
you are the only one
who knows the real me

though deep down inside
though deep around clyde
the fat tub of lard
we buried in the yard

you are the only one
you are the only one
you are the only one
who knows that i killed him


i am only

that which was lost
that was lost alone
broken and jagged
numb fingers clinging
to the force
or maybe just the hope
of life coming to the rescue
in the form of a dachshund.



was the peach
was the pear
was the lover
while mopping her groin



today is the day that i look in the rear view mirror
and say to the objects following closer than they appear
to fuck off



He is the lift
that blows on the bees
here is my heart
alone with the forest

where is the snow
where is the cold
where is the dead tree
covered with fungus

blessed are the poor
blessed are the meek
blessed is the shepherd
who cares for his lambs

we are your children
loved as we are
like saplings in soil
fresh sprung like the grass

it might not be much
it might not be me
it might not be anything
you might say it is

but He is worth dying for
He is my life
He is the everything
He is true love

i die for His words
buried within me
Jesus the saving grace
Jesus Christ Lord