is it to want or make or do

is it to want or make or do

where do wishes reside
is it in the hope of men
is it in their faith
reaching or striving towards
is it magical or mystical
is a wish real or imagined
are they anything?

are wishes something to make
or are they something to take
do we share them
open mouths to ear
or do we horde them
like misers with their jewels
are wishes for today
or did our fathers give up on them?

when we wish
is it to want to to make or to do
are the wishes good or do they harm
when we wish
is it something that can be taken back
or is the wish like a phantasm blade
piercing the spectral world with its power
when we wish, is it thru love?

is faith a form of a wish
when we expectant hope
with wringing hands
and furrowed brow
conferring onto a situation
all that we want it to be
when you wish upon life
do you wish about me?

and do wishes make better people
or worse ones
with unrealized expectation
or false ones
when we wish the things that are already true
is it even a wish or just
seeing life thru open eyes
and when i wish for cancer to die
am i killing anyone?
when i wish i do so thinking
dreaming of a better future
in my vain imagination
dreaming of implausible scenarios
taking on the form of reality
to be enshrined within my heart
is the wish vanity
if the wisher only wishes desires?

and when we wish
are we really expecting
are we under a spell of starlight
throwing pennies down a hole
when we wish
do we dream of a better tomorrow
or do we lust after the things of today
when we wish
is it selfless?

when we wish
is it also Gods wish
for us to wish that wish?

copyright 2012 by pauly hart