Kevin Smith - I'm a Christian

I'm Christian, I identify as Christian even after all this fucking time.

I used to identify as Catholic, but I can't do that anymore, it's a little too wacky...

Um... Christianity is a little broader, it allows you to do more. Don't worry I'm not one of those "creepy Christian" types: I'll never be the guy that's like: "Have I told you about my friend Christ?"

He just works for me, you know, the religion and that much religion works for me,

You know, I pray usually when I go to bed at night. I've got a wonderful life and a great career. It costs me nothing to believe that somebody up there is responsible for it that's not fuckin me.

 Um, so... You know, I pray usually when I take off in an airplane and land. That's when I pray the most, and usually my wife is with me whenever I'm flying and sitting next to me and stuff like that, and when I pray, eh, if you saw me on a plane - it's not like I sit there and pray out loud: "Oh God! Save us from your fiery death!"

You wouldn't even know man, cause I don't move my lips all creepily and shit. I just sit there with my eyes closed, for all you know I'd be sitting there thinking about pussy - But really - Jesus.

Taken from "Kevin Smith: Burn in Hell" 2011