black friday wasn't as bad as i thought, just a harbinger of death.

many many moons ago, i participated in the tickle me elmo debacle. working at kay-b toys during the 1996 holiday season was quite an eye-opener into how crazy people could become over such a trivial thing like the accumulation of things.

and i will never forget it.

so, working at sears this year i was prepared for the worst.

i heard about a wal-mart hiring rent-a-cops with guns and i was a bit concerned with the idea, and since i had just recently moved my wife and my cat to indiana from tulsa oklahoma i was wondering if the hoosiers were going to be as civil as the sooners are famous for.

and so i began my shift.

it was 3:45 and all was in expectation...

but by 4:00, no one pushed anyone, no one shoved... it was long lines and frowns but no one was shot at the store i worked at.

and spending was up.

the store i work was expecting to sell around four hundred thousand based upon last years projections but the fear was that since we were still in a recession, we would only be banking on three hundred... and it did much much than even four hundred. upwards close to six hundred thousand. that's a fifty percent INCREASE! that's amazing!

so, like i said. it wasn't bad. not at all. i am just not a fan of keynesian economics. if you have one dollar in circulation and you want to spend it but owe one dollar and five cents to the people who printed that dollar, don't ask them to print another dollar so you can spend the first one.

a black decade is coming. and by black i don't mean on your books. i mean like no electricity.