goodbye facebook

oh how i love to hate you facebook. i am saying goodbye to you.

(edited 11-21-12)

i awake today, wednesday morning afresh and anew and on a day off like today, i would usually go and check my facebook accounts. not so today. and you know what? it felt wonderful! i know there are many groups and pages that i would want to hang out on but it is not needed and in my case... not missed.

no longer do i really NEED to know what my former high school friends childrens sleep habits are, or that one guy that insists that he can help me increase my social network affectability. it just comes down to... my life, my family, and my needs.

hurray. leaving facebook once again solves issues that i didn't even know that i had.

life is nice and quiet here the day before thanksgiving, and i am indeed thankful for:

jennifer, nessly, samson, kimberly, jb, naomi, ruth, abigail and steve and all the extended people in my life.