After the bomb

The year is unknown. It is still our Planet in the general sense as we know it. No one really knows what happened to Terra Fima. We never achieved global harmony, the one world government was a failure, and in short... Things have changed. There are more than twelve billion people on the planet, and perhaps 68% of them are under the age of 30. The Nile Flu, H.I.V., Hanta, Crimson Death, and the latest Myra Virus have swept the Earth with ravaging destruction. The world is a world of growth and turmoil. After the third world war and the threat of a fourth, Nuclear power became almost obsolete. People had begun a world-conscious effort to live on a now toxic planet.

California had for the most part sunk into the sea at the end of the Twenty Second Century. The Hudson Bay had joined with Lake Superior. Most of the Islands of the Philippines and Indonesia have disappeared. Large desserts like the Sudan, The Mohave and most of Australia have become forests and grasslands. In contrast, most of the Jungles of South America, Asia and Africa were turned into charred remains of the greenery that it once was.

After World War III, There was not much left to tell of the history of our life. The only history is new history it seems... But it seems that knowledge was not lost. Many of the observations during this time were taken by a small newspaper in the small town of what was once Byrd, Kansas. Now that sight is the home of the New ARC Government... one of the largest Military governments known to the New Americas.

New technologies rose overnight. New companies rose and fell with the power of the stock market gone... Governments disintegrated into corporations and the odd militia... Regulations for medical experimentation, gun control, slavery, and the court system were virtually non-existent. Computers rose again. They were smaller. Faster. Cheaper. They were everywhere. Money became the TiXCard... A system that held Medical, Financial, Personal, and Criminal information on each and every person. Weaponry and Machines of war almost disappeared from public view... it seemed to be almost inaccessible to the normal person. Data was a more capable weapon to the public. Yet firepower was used. The police, gangs, and all employed by both the Militia and Corporations. Between these it was war and blood shed. It is an odd future. But it is ours.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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