Yeah, right.

The greatest miracle that this world ever saw was not when Jesus came to the earth as a human. No, the greatest miracle as well as the greatest act of faith began when Christ was killed and died. For it was at this miracle beginning time that several things happened at once.

First of all, Christ, or, God-made-flesh, had died. A seemingly unexpected and unprepared-for act of the greatest importance. It is debated whether God-made-flesh descended into Hell and wrestled with Lucifer for the Keys to Death and the grave, or whether he went to Abraham bosom, and showed himself to them, giving the first rapture. He could have died Spiritually. No one but God knows for sure.

Second of all, The Father, or Jehovah, had rejected a part of himself. Because Christ had taken all sin, sickness, disease, and poverty upon himself at the cross, Father could no longer look upon him. He turned his back and allowed his favor to lift. Hence, causing the greatest separation since the first, in the garden.

Thirdly, The Spirit, or the Comforter, left the ark of the Covenant. For centuries, since the time of Moses, He had dwelled in this Ark. Inside of tabernacles, and several different temples, He had resided with His people. But now, with the curtain tore in two, He apparently turned His back on Christ as well.

Fourthly, all of Hades, Hell, Sheol, Abbadon, Gehena, Tardes, Death, and the Grave rejoiced. Not to mention the Fallen Angels, Principalities, Powers, Rulers, Nephilim, Demons, Devils, Foul Spirits, The Strongman, Beelzebub, and especially the Great Deceiver himself; had one Hell of a party.

But I really think that the greatest thing, the single act of sheer obedience to bring the world to attention was the fact that Christ trusted The Father to bring Him back from the dead. He preached and healed in faith, He lived in faith, He was taken before court in faith, He was beaten in faith, and He was ripped and shredded in faith. Faith that the Father would be true to His word. Faith that the joy set before Him would become a reality. Think about it. Without that one holy act of faith, Christ may never have died. He had the power not to didn't He? He might still be alive today. But He had to. But without that act of total obedience, and without the sovereign act of the Father, Jesus might still be in Hell today.

Yeah right, like that could ever happen.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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