His call is His will

Jesus is calling. Will you answer him? He has everything you need. He has everything you can really want. He loves you. He would do anything for you to believe in him, and he did. He put his life in the hands of the Roman hierarchy of two millennium ago. They nailed him to a cross. No mistake. He planned it. In that day a most horrific thing happened. All sin, all sickness and dying, all death and separation was nailed to him, even as He was to the cross.

Concerning death and the grave, it was the God-Son, the Joshua God-Emanuel-Christ being who snatched them out of the deceives claws. He absorbed death for your life. He wants your freedom. He wants it. He doesn't want your freedom for yourself, He wants your freedom from yourself and your freedom for Himself. He wants your life. He wants to give you eternal life in exchange for a measly hundred years or so on this earth. He will give you purity in exchange for your wretched, murky, diseased soul. He loves you. He wants both his presence and his power to rest in and on you, and inside of you.

His call is his will.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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