That's all I have to say!

First of all as I stand before you today I would
I like to say that to live the life of ultimate freedom
One must first of all never expect to be free
To live the life of ultimate liberty
One must never expect to live their life
To live the life of ultimate prosperity
One must never expect to be rich
To live the life of ultimate success
One must never expect to achieve
For when the goal supersedes the means
The goal becomes utterly worthless
Or when we lose our peace
Nothing is worthwhile at any time
For Christianity and morality often conflict
Nature and spirituality are not are not synonymous
There is never a parallel between greed and freedom
The supreme difference between the Kingdom of God
Being at hand and being in holistic accord
with the Universal "Consciousness" is that
One has to deal with an inner decision based on love
And one deals with the progression of
A perverse sense of self-importance
I'm not sure that we can find a heaven
Here on earth but I'm quite sure that
We need not have a Hell here either
And the only reason that we're still here
on the earth is to tell others about Him
and to learn how to worship Him because
Will we ever lead someone to Christ in Heaven?

I don't think so.

And that's all I have to say.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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