Is my soul fate-destined when I give my sin to God?

Nothing happened to my soul because Jesus was made the payment for my sins! Yeha! Grace and love are so awesome! But like the Apostle Paul wrote: Shall we sin so that grace will abound all the more? God forbid! I don't want to be like a robot, and never show that I'm hurt or glad or mad or happy. I want to be honest, genuine, pure of motive and heart, loving, and compassionate. Only the "real" Christians get to Heaven. And Lord I want to be in that number. And I want to be a saint. Saintliness entails purity. Not perfection. God help me if I think I'm perfect. I used to believe in perfectionism, but it really is a nowhere road. Besides, This Pauly you know dies everyday. Thank God I'm not the same person as I was yesterday.

I'm gonna go read Galatians five again!


Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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