To be...

The true meaning of all the conjugated thoughts in the universe is this: God. God is the beginning of all there was, and ever has been, and all that is ever hoped to be. Through him was every thing made that was made and without him was nothing made that is made. In the beginnings of all the beginnings there ever was, was God. In God was the beginning of all there was to begin with. God made time and attributed the Sun and the moon to keep it straight. But, the only constant in all of creation (the only common denominator of God made time) is God. All the life in all the galaxies in all of this realm of existence were made by one word: "Be." He spoke it forth. (He could have spoken himself forth) Time is a curious thing to him... He doesn't follow its rules.

Einstein said that time slows as you approach the speed of light. God moves faster than light, and so he moves faster than time, surpassing it, slipping in and out of its stream like a God who knows what He's doing. Time to him is simply a thought away. That's eternity explained. Moving as God does at the speed of light. Isn't He the light? Aren't we the light of the world?
Time will one day run out. For you and for me. You can choose to accept the creator of light and time or reject him, and be caught... Frozen In Time. In time, there is an end, there was a start, and there will be an end. It will cease. Make no mistake. It could happen before you finish this poem. Poof! We Perish! But, God henceforth now and forevermore will live. Live with no end. He has graciously extended his hand towards us to come and join him. He has given us a choice... Eternal Life, or what's behind door number three. The choice is ours. We aren't robots. That's why it's so important to choose right. Not left, wrong or erase. Choose Good. Choose God, and be together with him, conjugated in the thoughts of the almighty maker and sculptor, master and manager of the universe. To be one with "The One."


Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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