For ye are


Shaken forth by the Lord of minerals.

Salt spewn into the world recklessly.

Purposefully and thoughtfully thrown.

Some of us fell on good ground.

Some not.

Tenderizing hard hearts, preserving morality, melting, and dissolving.

One out of six we are.

One billion people strong.

Why have we not done our part, we granules?

Shall we be as those worthless?

Shall we be cast away into the fire?

What shall happen to us if we lose our flavor?

When flavor goes, value goes.

Why, oh why do we still stay in the sea where it is safe?

Who are we hiding from?

Why are we hiding?

Are we in fear of those land-locked artesian poisons?

Or from the bottling companies who ship them world wide?

Do you realize that they actually sell that blasphemy?

As we are, we only affect the shores and coastlines.

We prefer our solitude, our own little conventions instead of going inland.

I fear it is not us who surround the seven islands, but it is they who surround us.

Shall we not go?

Have we forgotten our purpose in life?

Why have we lost our devotion to our first and our only true love?

For the Spirit hovered over us in the beginning,

and He hovers over us still today.

For we are the salt of the earth.

We are, and no one else.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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