The eternal theme of a persuasive word

Love. Commonly known as the most powerful force in the universe, this four letter word says much more than any other word in the world. Love, as the world would refer to it, is often referred to wrongly. Sometimes as sex, sometimes as marriage, even in reference to a persons favorite ice cream flavor. What we need to do is to cut back on our use of this word. All too often we spread it thin by saying that we love so many different things. "Liking is one thing, Lusting is another, but Loving is the hardest of them all." You see, Love must mean more than just a tingling up your spine followed by goose bumps on your arm. Love is so much more than the words "I love you" Love is an action. It is a choice. True love is rarely found in on T.V.. It is usually found in the reality of real life. Love is this: Sacrificing all for the sake of another. Taking something that is valuable to yourself and giving it up so that another may benefit. Love is an act of human kindness resulting in the prosperity of another individual. Love is a verb. Love is a noun. Love enfleshed is Jesus, for Jesus is love.

Have you ever cared so much for someone that it hurt? Have you tried and tried for the person to get better, no matter what the cost to your life? That is love. Jesus told us to consider the cost. The cost of what? The cost of love. Are we willing to die for Jesus? Are we willing to die for a family member? How about for a friend? An acquaintance? Someone you have never met? Your enemy?

The Bible tells us that there is no greater love that any man could ever show but that he would lay down his life for a friend. Well, lets take that concept a step further! Jesus laid down his life for those who ripped out his beard. For those that spit on him and killed him. Now that is true and genuine love.

I used to have a cat whose name was Snitches. I really loved her. I used to have a girlfriend named Tasha. I loved her too. I used to have an incredibly huge Leggo set, and boy I loved that thing to death! You see, this is the point that I'm trying to say! Our concept of the word is gone! We shouldn't say that we love these things. That cheapens the word. Only Jesus deserves our number one love! Then our families, friends, the world and lastly ourselves. Go out and try to love others before you love yourself. Just for one day! See what happens. It's a lot more difficult than you would have ever thought.

Anyway, Christianity is a beautiful mix of Jesus' love for us and of our love for Him. Just relax on this sea cruise of spiritual ecstasy. Give Jesus a kiss on the cheek and tell him how much you love him.

Copyright 2003 by pauly hart

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